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Colorado Tree Farmers are a network of land- owners that share forestry resources.

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Landowners who become certified Tree Farmers in 2015 will receive the Colorado Tree Farmers forest management manual, Saving Your Forest.

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Last Updated February 28, 2015


ATFS Standards of Sustainability 2015-2020

Periodically, the American Tree Farm System® Standards of Sustainability undergo review through an open, transparent process to ensure appropriate incorporation of public input, emerging developments in the forest management arena and to promote continuous improvement of the ATFS program and stewardship on America's family woodlands. In 2014, ATFS revised the Standards of Sustainability.

See the sections below for more information

View the Standards

Standards Setting Process


Be Prepared!

See the new Colorado Tree Farmer’s YouTube channel!


If you're trying to prepare for the upcoming fire season, you'll want to watch the interview with Linda Masterson, author of "Surviving Wildfire." Linda is a Tree Farmer who lost her home in a wildfire tells us what she wishes she had done to be better prepared.

Linda's book has quickly become a must have handbook for all residents in the wildland/urban interface. For a small donation colorado's Tree Farmers will send you a copy.

See Linda Masterson Interview.


Donate and get the book as a free gift. (Simply go to our Donation Page.)


The Power of Community

If you are already collaborating with your neighbors to improve forest health or have discovered a method to more effectively reduce the damage that is being done to our forests, please let us know. We can help you tell your story with video. Better yet produce a video of your own highlighting your efforts.

See:The Power of Community Collaboration

We’ll be adding videos of inspirational stories like this to
our YouTube channel as quickly as they can be produced.

If you don’t know where to start making videos ask your grandchildren for help. Many high schools offer classes on video production, and tens of thousands of young people are already producing amazingly sophisticated videos every day.

Letting your grandchildren teach you a new skill would be a terrific way to get them interested in active forest management. You’ll all enjoy the experience and you may produce a video that could inspire others to begin actively managing their forest.

Visit the Colorado Tree Farmer YouTube channel for some ideas for stories.


Major Forest Threats

Links to the latest, most practical, and most up to date information on continuing spread of the mountain pine beetle and the increased danger and cost of larger and more intense wildfire that may result.

Visit our Major forest Threats page for more information.




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Certification in the American Tree Farm System is voluntary. The certification process incorporates established standards and guidelines. All properties certified under
the three certification options must conform to the Standards of Sustainability for Forest Certification. This can require substantial time and effort.

However, part of the mission of the Colorado Tree Farmers is to inform the public of the need for active forest management of private forested property and encourage landowners to get started. We therefore encourage ALL owners of forested property and anyone else interested in the health and sustainablitlity of our forests to attend our meetings, tours and other events. We will be happy to share
our knowledge with and answer questions from anyone.

If you would like more information, click the "Join Us" link to the right of this article and let's talk.