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Friday, June 10, 2010

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Colorado Tree Farmers are a network of land- owners that share forestry resources.

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Pre and post Convention tours:

Trapp Family Lodge & Mt. Washington 3-Day (2 night) Tour: An extraordinary tour to world famous locations. Sunday, July 11 - Tuesday, July 13 Complete itinerary at: http://www.treefarmsystem.org/2010treefarmerconvention/2010 GRAND CIRCUI T.pdf

Scenic Vermont and the Working Landscape 2-Day (one night) Tour: See Vermont from Gorges to Gondola rides. Sunday, July 11 - Monday, July 12 Complete itinerary at: http://www.treefarmsystem.org/2010treefarmerconvention/Scenic vermont.pdf

Greater Burlington Tour: Start the day at the McNeil Station who was at the forefront of sustainable biomass harvesting practices, visit Dakin Farms and end the day at Shelburne Farms. Monday, July 12 Complete itinerary at: http://www.treefarmsystem.org/2010treefarmerconvention/Greater Burlington% 20Tour.pdf

Food & Family Tour: Visit some of Vermont's best: Ben & Jerry's, Cabot Cheese, Cold Hollow and the Alpine Slide. Monday, July 12 Complete itinerary at: http://www.treefarmsystem.org/cms/pages/19_131.html

Explore Lake Champlain Tour: Enjoy a two-hour tour on the Melosira, University of Vermont's waterbound laboratory before visiting the ECHO Museum. Tuesday, July 13 Complete itinerary at: http://www.treefarmsystem.org/cms/pages/19_131.html

Capitol Tour: Visit a 600-foot deep granite quarry, a maple sugaring farm and then Vermont's Capitol building. Tuesday, July 13 Complete itinerary at:  http://www.treefarmsystem.org/2010treefarmerconvention/Capitol Tour.pdf

Northeast Kingdom 2-Day (one night) Tour: This tour includes visits to many of Vermont's best-kept secrets in the Northeast! Friday, July 16 - Saturday, July 17 Complete itinerary at: http://www.treefarmsystem.org/2010treefarmerconvention/Northeast Kingdom%2 0Tour.pdf

If anyone has any questions please contact Vermont Woodlands at 802-747-7900 or email trish@gwriters.com  or kmwanner@comcast.net.


Please send your questions regarding any forest management related issues to stumpmaker@gmail.com We'll find an answer for you.

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Landowners who attend one of our tours in 2010 will receive the Colorado Tree Farmer's forest management manual, "Saving Your Forest". Currently certified Tree Farmers can get a manual by bringing a neighbor or friend to one of our tours.