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Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Backyard Tree Farms

Colorado State Tree Farm Committee 


Recently the American Tree Farm System has emphasized the need to include in our education and recognition programs those hardworking landowners who, through no fault of their own, can't meet the requirements to become certified Tree Farmers. For years the Colorado State Tree Farm Committee has encouraged anyone who wished to improve and maintain the health of Colorado's forests to join us and take advantage of our outlets for practical forest health information. Outlets such as this newsletter, our website, our YouTube channel, Facebook page, local meetings, and tours are available to all.

Some decades ago Colorado had a special recognition program for these hard-working landowners. It was called the Backyard Tree Farm Program and specifically recognized the efforts of wood lot owners who did not have enough property to qualify as Tree Farmers.

The efforts of James Williams, a landowner who can not meet the current requirements to become a certified Tree Farmer, to bring his neighbors together to improve local forest conditions and to invite the Colorado Tree Farmers to help, reinforces the soundness of ATFS' new approach.

Therefore, we feel this is an opportune time to re-introduce the Colorado Backyard Tree Farm recognition program.

You will hear more about this program in the future but in the meantime please join us in recognizing James Williams from Grand County, Colorado's first Backyard Tree Farmer in 30 years!


Thinking of hosting a Tree Farm tour
for your neighbors?

Here is a new approach

contributed by
Laura Emerson,  
The Big Thompson River Coalition 

Peers and Pros 360 - Teaching and Learning Together by
Using What Forest Landowner Peers Have to Say

"This webinar features a new and novel approach to organizing landowner and public educational tours and presentations. This effective and engaging teaching method uses peer to peer interaction and mediated learning by natural resources professionals. It can be easily adapted to a variety of audiences and different settings."

The webinar is available any time at:


Some Suggested Themes and statements


Causes and prevention of winter
tree damage

contributed by
Mandy Rhodes,
new Tree Farmer Alerts subscriber

I'm passing along a few suggestions for how-to articles.
These have some good information about causes and prevention of winter tree damage.

Protect Trees From Winter Deer Damage:

Best - Mandy Rhodes


(Many thanks Mandy! Your contributions are timely, informative and much appreciated)



Cut Branches From Living Trees In Seconds

contributed by
Nicki Rutt, Tree Farmer


This machine lets you cut branches from living trees in seconds.

By: Advaligno GmbH
YT: goo.gl/X9M5KZ



Hurricane Michael leaves at least $1.6 billion in woodland losses across three states

contributed by
Walt Plese, Tree Farmer

Owners of forest land along the Florida Panhandle and beyond are grappling with at least $1.6 billion in timber losses after Hurricane Michael snapped and mangled trees across the region, according to state authorities.

Forestry officials in Florida, Georgia and Alabama estimate the hurricane damaged more than five million acres of woodland in the region when it roared through this month. The destruction marked a fresh blow to timber growers already saddled with historically low prices brought on by a glut of mature trees in the South.


Colorado Company turning beetle kill into Organic Bio-fertilizer

contributed by
Tim Reader
Program Specialist
Utilization & Marketing
Colorado State Forest Service

Here is a little recent visibility for one of our Colorado Biochar producers many are familiar with:

Watch video


 Lichen in Home and Office

contributed by
Steve Goodroad, Tree Farmer


Lichen could eventually cover your home or office. The soft green living organisms would grow on a structure set apart from the wall, preventing mold from forming in the building materials and acting as a humidity buffer that could save energy and promote air quality.

Read More


Vicki Christiansen as Forest Service chief

contributed by
Molly Pitts, CTIA



Secretary Perdue swore in Vicki Christiansen as Chief of the Forest Service (see story below).  Vicki has been acting in that role since March.  Since being appointed as Acting Chief, we have seen Vicki push to increase management on National Forest lands and to find new efficiencies for the agency to accomplish increased targets for timber sold.  

Read More


You Can Now Buy Christmas Tree Flavored Potato Chips, Just In Time For The Holidays

contributed by
Michael M. Hughes
Fort Collins Field Office, NE Area
Colorado State Forest Service


The most wonderful time of the year is on the horizon, and in the next few months, we will see all kinds of holiday-inspired foods. A food retailer in the UK, Iceland Foods, is already in the Christmas spirit. The grocery store sells a very festive kind of crisp (otherwise known as chip on this side of the pond).

Read More


Casting Multi Generational Logging Families for TV Project

contributed by
Ryan Lockwood 
Communications Manager
Colorado State Forest Service

My name is Sean De Simone and I am a Casting Director working on a TV Project looking for multi-generational logging families.   Would it be possible to share with your logging community. If you have any questions I can be reached at 212 813 3656. You can view my website at www.seandesimonecasting.com


Sean De Simone


Casting: Logging Families to participate in cable television project.

A major Production company along with a major cable network are searching for multi-generational families who log.


We are especially interested in:

  • Families that are grooming new generations of loggers and working with new technology.
  • Family members who are coming back home to log
  • Families with unique stories about their business and the struggles of keeping afloat in an ever changing economy and environment.   
  • If interested in learning more please email Sean De Simone at sharpcastingteam@gmail.com with a bit about you and your family logging business and the best way to reach you

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