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Saturday, November 10, 2016
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What's in your Woods?

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Colorado Tree Farmers have a new outreach method for inspiring our neighbors and all Forest landowners to do more to actively manage their woods. We recently created the Colorado Tree Farmers Facebook page for people using social media.

No one method of communication is prefered by all forest landowners but Facebook continues to grow as a major means of communication for a large segment of the population. We therefore need a presence in that area.

Please help us introduce our new page to the Facebook audience by clicking the link below, “Liking” our page, and leaving a comment, suggestion, or interesting contribution. (Mike Hughes, Colorado Tree Farm Administrator, contributed the “OktoberForest” post.) Your contribution may very well help inspire a neighbor to start improving the health of their woods.

Colorado Tree Farmers Facebook page


Fire in an endless summer

contributed by
Tom Troxel
Intermountain Forest Association


I’m sure many of you are also enjoying the really nice fall weather, but at the same time thinking we really do need some rain or snow one of these days.  
Following is a link to an article about longer-term trends in our weather/climate that you may find “interesting”.

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Fixing Water by Fixing Forests


Watershed investment programs can reduce the costs of managing water while delivering community benefits but they’re underused because mobilizing support is difficult and funding can be hard to come by. 

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Handmade Eco-caskets


"Deep generalists" is Isaac Nadeau's umbrella term for his brother and him ."Deep," yes, deep in the ground actually, for Luc Nadeau has been building biodegradable caskets by hand out of beetle-kill pine since 2008, as the green burial movement was just gaining momentum in the United States. .

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The Colorado State Forest Service wants to emphasize how having a robust wood products industry spurs not only widespread forest management, but the healthy forests and reduced wildfire risk that result from them. 

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