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Wednesday October 5, 2016
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Larimer County Tree Farm
Fall Meeting Notice

contributed by
Mike Hughes
Fort Collins Dist, CSFS

We will be having a Larimer County Tree Farm Meeting on Saturday Morning, October 15th , at the Ramos Tree Farm north of Stove Prairie School. 

A free lunch will be provided.  I have attached an announcement and map.  

This is a special meeting because we are going to be recognizing Ray Ramos for his many years of service to the Colorado Forest Stewardship and Tree Farm Programs.

Everyone is welcome! Bring a friend!




Trees know when deer are eating them — and how to fight back

From The Washington Post


Picture the woods in early spring — the misty, pale green appearance of trees just starting to sprout, the young deer munching their way across the sun-dappled forest floor.

But behind that placid exterior, a battle of wits is raging. And despite not having a brain or any central nervous system to speak of, the trees are pretty wily.

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Protecting CMTs when doing wildfire mitigation projects

contributed by
Bruce Benninghoff, consulting Forester


A hike will be led by John Anderson, the author of a book on Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs).  The book is Ute Indian Prayer Trees of the Pikes Peak Region.  Available from the Old Colorado City Historical Society.

Culturally Modified Tree (CMT) Field Trip, October 25, 2016 9:30am-12:30pm
Fox Run Regional Park (Roller Coaster Rd Trailhead 1/8th mile south of Baptist Rd), Colorado Springs, CO 80921.  

This field trip is being organized for the members of the Pikes Peak Wildfire Prevention Partners (PPWPP) or other public or private land owners planning fire mitigation efforts and are interested in learning how to identify CMTs so they can be protected (note – there is no cost for this field trip).

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A Bumblebee's Buzz Is 
Basically a Superpower

contributed by
Nicki Rutt, Tree Farmer


A million little wonders happen all around us, but we often don't recognize them for the phenomena they are. Clay Bolt tells us all about one of these marvels: the bumblebee's buzz. I don't want to give it away, but it turns out these little guys are sort of like fuzzy, adorable superheroes.
—Laurence Alexander, producer/editor

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