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Monday, September 14, 2015
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Working Together to Restore the Colorado Front Range

Posted by Jennifer Hayes, Rocky Mountain Research Station, U.S. Forest Service

It started with a call from a concerned landowner living on Pine Country Lane, nestled in the foothills just west of Denver.

Their home was sitting at the top of a hill in a tinderbox surrounded by dense forests dying from bark beetle and tussock moth invasions. Decades of fire suppression has altered forests on the Front Range.

That call was the catalyst to one of the most exciting restoration projects on the Colorado Front Range.

Natural Resources Conservation Service Colorado state forester Jonas Feinstein, partnership-builder extraordinaire, clued me into this exciting project. Feinstein likened modern forestry, within the context of climate change, to a choose-your-own adventure novel.

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Being able to tour well managed forests is one of the most useful benefits of being a Tree Farmer or neighbor to one. The innovative ideas and inspiration that you can gain by seeing what your neighbors are accomplishing can be invaluable.

Colorado Tree Farmers and businesses related to forestry often provide free tours. Visit the Tours page of our website to find out how to attend a tour near you.

Here is a link to video highlights of a recent tour hosted by Larimer County Tree Farmers. But short videos cannot come close to capturing the knowledge provided, the benefit of networking with neighbors, the creativity shared by attending a tour in person

Take a tour soon!


Pine Trees Can Be Made Into Hot Dogs

contributed by
Craig Rawlings
Forest Business Network

A Norwegian biorefinery company has started turning waste wood fibre into a cream-like fat substitute which it claims can be used to make ice cream, mayonnaise and even hot dogs.

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