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Monday, August 7, 2017
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2017 forest Landowner Outreach and Recognition Event

contributed by Dan Wand


Hello Forest Landowners,

The Colorado State Tree Farm Committee is hosting a meeting in Pagosa Springs  on Saturday, August 19th to recognize a few folks and present an opportunity to tour the Forest Health Timber Company sawmill, learn about the National Wild Turkey Federation, and network with other landowners and resource management professionals.  Please see the attached meeting flyer, agenda, and map/directions.  Please RSVP if you plan attend and join us for lunch, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.  I hope to see you there.







ELECTRIC CHAINSAWS: Toys or Serious Forestry Tools?

By John H. Fitch
Proud Owner of a Sustainable Home on 38 acres in Redstone Canyon, Larimer County
Affiliate Professor, Warner College of Natural Resources,
Colorado State University


I have used gas powered chainsaws for years but have always disliked their disadvantages including having to keep gas on hand; having to pull-start them, especially on cliffs or in deep snow; and adjusting engines, especially in freezing temperatures!  Twenty years ago, I tried out battery powered chainsaws then on the market and found them to be “toys,” at least from the perspective of serious woods work.  Electric cord chainsaws were better but totally impractical for forest work.

In 2011, however, I noticed that the Stihl had developed a lithium battery powered chainsaw and I decided to try it out a 12-inch blade 36-volt model after much kidding from fellow sawyers and I was amazed at its performance...



MacGregor Ranch Forest Restoration Project

contributed by
Steve Johnson, Larimer County Commissioner


Good video, might be useful to you.





contributed by
Dick Walter, Landowner


DW has long wundered about chaps but finally watched videos of Stihl and Forester chaps and wuz impressed by how quickly the chain stopped.  Has your newsletter ever featured safety equipment?

The Case for chaps: Watch video

Chainsaw Safety, Operation & Maintenance: Watch video




Ruminations on Forest Soil Health Revisited: Duff or Litter?

By Carl Struck, NM Tree Farm #2 & Max Steenbock, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder


 Thought you might enjoy the latest article I wrote with the help of my friend Max Steenbock in our NM Tree Farm Bulletin.     Carl



China Is Building The World's 1st Vertical 'Forest City' To Help Clean Up Its Pollution Problem


Cities in China and India are choking with fumes and poisonous gases. Where India's struggling to get its act together, China's tackling the problem with a bang!

Now, buildings covered with trees and plants are already a design philosophy used to reduce their carbon dioxide footprint, but what if you tried that with an entire city? That's what's China's up to...






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