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Monday, July 5, 2010

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Beetle Busting

More new beetle infested trees were found in Larimer County than any other county in Colorado last year. Now the results from last year's flight have started to fade, and it is easy to see how much more wide spread the epidemic has become. To top it off, the beetles will start to fly again this month!

Someone should do something! How about YOU!

The Larimer County Tree Farmers are helping to organize a county wide Beetle Buster group so that neighbors can help neighbors slow the infestation and mitigate the damage from the potentially larger and more intense wildfires that can result.

The following Elected officials have already volunteered to become Beetle Busters and assist private landowners.

In alphabetical order they are:

  • Sen. Bob Bacon, Dist. 14
  • County Commissioner, Tom Donnelly
  • Rep. Randy Fischer, Dist. 53
  • County Commissioner, Lew Gaiter
  • County Commissioner, Steve Johnson
  • Rep. John Kefalas, Dist. 52
  • Sen. Kevin Lundberg, Dist. 15
  • Rep. B.J. Nikkel Dist. 49

If enough citizens get involved, we can make a difference. Be part of the solution to this very tough problem. Enlist your friends, neighbors, family, church groups, and clubs to volunteer just a few Saturdays of your time this coming fall to help avert a disaster.

See Larimer County Beetle Busters for more information, or call Wes Rutt, Outreach and Education Chair for the Colorado Tree Farmers to find out how you can help. (970) 482-6912


Tree Farmers Annual Summer Picnic

 Join the Larimer County Tree Farmers to honor Donna and Randy Moore, the 2010 Colorado Tree Farmers of the YEAR! Take part in a tour of the community wildfire protection plan projects underway at the Pinewood CWPP.

Catered lunch $5.00
No dogs please.

Everyone welcome! Bring a friend! See you Saturday, July 24, 9am - 2:30pm

See 2010 Larimer Summer Picnic Notice for more more information


Pine Beetle Central

See links to many of the most practical and up-to-date articles, guides, and how-to bulletins regarding the pine beetle epidemic and wildfire mitigation now in one easy to find spot: Pine Beetle Central, on TreeFarmer.com


Boulder County Forest Health Online

If you live in Boulder County you should be reading Boulder County Health Online regularly. It is a terrific source of information. Ryan Ludlow, Education and Outreach Coordinator, for the Boulder County Land Use Department does an outstanding job of keeping you up to speed on all programs connected to forest health. He'll even send you email news announcements.

See Boulder County Forest Health Online for more information.

Please send your questions regarding any forest management related issues to stumpmaker@gmail.com We'll find an answer for you.

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Landowners who attend one of our tours in 2010 will receive the Colorado Tree Farmer's forest management manual, "Saving Your Forest". Currently certified Tree Farmers can get a manual by bringing a neighbor or friend to one of our tours.