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/Alert from
The Larimer County Tree Farmers

Friday, May 30. 2008
The Pine Beetle Epidemic

In this issue we have information on spraying to prevent beetle infestation,
marketing the wood that you cut, and government initiatives. Let's get started.

  • Spraying to prevent beetle infestation Questions from readers:
    • Has there been any discussion of aerial spraying, especially along the Stove Priaire corridor with individual property o owners paying for their part of the total?
      • Answer - To the best of our knowledge aerial spraying would not prevent a pine beetle attack. The entire circumference of each tree must be coated for spraying to be effective. Here is a link to a Colorado State Forest Service paper that describes preventive spraying for the pine beetle in detail, Preventive Spraying
    • Is it too late to spray your favorite trees ( 100$ ea I am told)?
      Answer - From now until July when the beetles fly is a good time to spray your favorite trees. See Thoughts on Spraying I've been quoted $12 per tree with a $50 minimum charge unless your place is very difficult to reach and you only have one tree to spray.
    • Who is honest and knowledgeable to have come to the house?
      • Answer - If any of you have used a contractor that you can recommend please let us know. Be careful. There are a lot of fast buck artists out there. Shop around. You might start by calling Colorado Lawn & Tree Care, 662-9413. They are licensed by the Department of Agriculture, have been in the business for decades and were recommended to me.
  • Marketing the infested trees that you cut
    • So what do you do with your beetle infested wood or the trees that you've cut to reduce the fuel load in your forest? We visited one business that creates more than a dozen products from Lodgepole Pine, much of it beetle infested. Tree Farmer Tour May 17, 2008
    • An old idea who's time has come...again. Heating your school with wood
  • Government Initiatives to Improve forest health
    • Larimer County may help landowners dispose of beetle infested wood soon. The county is in the process of creating collection sites to which landowners can bring logs from beetle infested trees. The county will then transport them out of the area before the beetles can fly and infest even more trees. Sites are being discussed near Allenspark, Red Feather Lakes and Stove Prairie. However, due to planning and review requirements, sites may not be available this season.
    • Governor Ritter signs a number of bills regarding forest health See Press Release
  • Hot off the presses
    • There doesn't seem to be a lot of hard scientific research that has been done regarding the pine beetle. That may be why we hear so much misinformation and conflicting "facts." A report authored by scientists from the Joint Ecology Working Group attempts to bring together the information upon which the majority of the scientific community can agree. Although the report is limited to the pine beetle epidemic in Lodgepole Pine, you may find it interesting. See The Status of our Understanding..
  • .Got questions? Write We'll try to find answers to as many as possible.