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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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The 285 Interfaith
Food Pantry Woodpile

contributed by
Lucy and Dave Bauer
Tree Farmers

Do you ever find yourself with a stack of unmarketable wood after a season of managing your land for fire mitigation and forest health? For many tree farmers operating in states such as Colorado where timber quality is relatively low, this build-up of low-grade wood is a reality and liability, and…. an opportunity to do some good in your community! Once you’ve set aside all the firewood you personally can use for the season, consider donating the remainder to a community woodpile serving the heating needs of your low-income neighbors. No such woodpile in your area? Then consider starting one!

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One Tree Planted

contributed by
Boyd Lebeda


Here’s a link to a funding proposal page for a nonprofit called One Tree Planted, which
provides funding to those looking to plant seedling trees for a variety of reforestation projects: 

This form simply allows people to ask for funds from the nonprofit to plant trees. Besides the fact that getting trees planted helps us meet the CSFS mission, One Tree Planted purchases all of the seedlings requested in Colorado from our own Seedling Tree Nursery in Fort Collins. So any time folks here in Colorado receive trees from One Tree Planted, our nursery also benefits. The CSFS and our nursery are not expected to assist with related planting projects.

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Thanks, Ryan Lockwood 



contributed by
Mike Burns, NWOA


In 1942, writer Elrick B. Davis collected a glossary of terms tied to the old logging tradition.

Davis delights in the earlier tradition of lumberjacks who spent most of their time in logging camps far from civilization, creating “a vocabulary so pithy and colorful that its memory stays alive in loggers’ sentimental hearts.

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Girl Scouts of Colorado Provide Trees for Forest Restoration

contributed by
Ryan Lockwood
External & Media Communications Specialist
Colorado State Forest Service


The Colorado State Forest Service has received a donation from the Girl Scouts of Colorado, which will provide 7,500 seedling trees to be used for reforestation efforts in Colorado. The donation, made to the CSFS-administered Restoring Colorado’s Forests Fund, will be used to provide seedlings for planting in areas impacted by wildfires, floods or other disasters. Please contact me with any questions.

Ryan Lockwood 
External & Media Communications Specialist
Colorado State Forest Service

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