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Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Long's Peak SAF Meeting

contributed by
Adam Moore
Supervisory Forester
Alamosa / Salida Field Offices 
Colorado State Forest Service

Please join Long's Peak SAF for our May meeting with updates and member recognition from the Annual Meeting and a presentation by Kelsey Delaney with Council of Western State Foresters and Western Forestry Leadership Coalition. 


Date: Wednesday May 22

Time: 6:00-7:30pm

Location: CSU Michael Smith Natural Resources Bldg. Room 402 - Enter through the South West doors and take the elevator or stairs to the 4th floor. 

Parking Information: Suggested parking is in the "A" parking spaces or the metered parking lot to the East of the Forestry Building. 

1 CFE available (Category 2)







Tara M. Costanzo

Community Resource Forester

Wyoming State Forestry Division


Council of Western State Foresters Biochar Market Analysis

contributed by
Howard Kemp, Tree Farmer


Biochar markets have been slow to develop because of high prices and a lack of
understanding or articulation of biochar benefits. However, fast growing markets
are developing in several areas: green infrastructure for stormwater management in
cities; soil water retention in turf, landscaping and urban tree plantings; biochar soil
blends for horticulture; biochar seed coatings and root zone applications in field
crops; remediation of mine tailings and brownfields; and replacements for activated
carbon and carbon black in a variety of industrial uses.

Woody debris is an ideal biochar feedstock that can be used
even in existing biomass boilers and furnaces to produce biochar. Most of the recent
growth in biochar volume production is utilizing such technologies, and much of it is
occurring in the Western states, where large volumes of biomass are in need of
treatment to reduce wildfire risks.

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FEMA Colorado Wildfire Mitigation, Strategies Tested and Lessons Learned Wind. Fire. Loss

contributed by
Steve Goodroad, Tree Farmer


This is a new FEMA Video.  The engineering company I work for produced this video. 

Watch the Video


CPRW partnership with American Forest Foundation for landowner outreach

contributed by
Daniel Bowker
CPRW Forest and Fire Project Manager

The Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed is a local non-profit focused on improving and maintaining the health and resilience of the Poudre River watershed through community collaboration. 

CPRW works closely with the US Forest Service, and we work to identify private landowners who own property near areas where the USFS will be working on its lands.  By doing forest restoration work at the landscape scale and treating private lands that are in proximity to federal lands where work is being done, we are able to achieve more benefit with limited funding, and maximize watershed resilience to wildfire.  To this end, CPRW recently received a grant from the American Forest Foundation to reach out to private landowners who live within 3 miles of planned USFS forest restoration treatments, to start a conversation with those landowners about forest management. 

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Australian Tree Planting

contributed by
Steve Goodroad, Tree Farmer


Technology is finally getting to the point where it is making a difference in this area.

Watch Video


Creating Pollinator Habitat

contributed by
Lisa Mason

Pollinators are animal species that provide pollination services to plants in natural/wild landscapes, cultivated gardens and agriculture settings around the globe. They have coevolved with plants and the relationship between plants and pollinators is very intricate; each relying on each other for survival. These important services help many plants complete their lifecycles, as well as ensuring food and shelter for humans and other animals for many generations

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contributed by
Steve Goodroad, Tree Farmer


Thanlfully no logger took it down, nor forest fires or earthquakes.

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