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  Saturday, May 2, 2009

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An Update from Boulder County: Tree Damage and Bark Beetles

A recent snowstorm brought two to four feet of heavy wet snow to most of Boulder County's forests and caused extensive limb and tree damage throughout many foothill locations.  These freshly broken limbs are not only ugly but they have the potential to lead to a buildup in populations of a species of bark beetle called Ips pini. Ips beetles, also known as the "pine engraver beetle," are attracted to freshly cut/broken limbs and have the ability to quickly build their populations in this fresh green material.  We are concerned that this widespread tree damage has the potential to significantly increase local population of Ips beetles. Ips beetles first build their populations in the fresh green material, and then over time will begin attacking and killing nearby live pine trees.  In our area Ips pini beetles prefer to attack ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine and limber pine species.  For additional information about Ips beetles please visit: http://csfs.colostate.edu/pages/ips-beetle.html.

Management Strategies:
What can I do?

If you have the ability, we recommend chipping or removing these freshly damaged branches ASAP. The quicker you are able to remove this material from erty the better.  Boulder County has several wood and slash drop-off sites were residents can dispose of tree branches.  For information about hours of operation and information about the size of material accepted please visit: www.bouldercounty.org/foresthealth and click on "Wood/Slash Drop-Off Sites."

News: Nederland Area Residents Can Dispose of Slash by the Green Recycling Boxes!

In response to the recent tree and limb damage and to try to help mitigate a build up of Ips beetles, we are happy to announce that Boulder County will once again be collecting slash (tree limbs under 6" in diameter) on Ridge Road by the green recycling boxes.  

  • When:   8 am to 4 pm daily (except Wednesdays)
  • What:   Slash ONLY -- Slash is defined as tree limbs up to six inches in diameter.  No other organic materials will be accepted.
  • Cost:   no charge

In order to ensure that space is available for each load delivered, users need to call the transfer station at 303 258-7878 to make an appointment. Woodchips for use as garden mulch are available free of charge while supplies last, but must be loaded by hand.

Announcing: The 2009 Boulder County Chipping/Transportation Reimbursement Program
Once again, Boulder County is offering financial assistance to encourage mountain communities to conduct community chipping projects. New in 2009, our reimbursement program has been slightly expanded to provide some help offsetting the transportation costs incurred while hauling trees and branches to a Community Forestry Sort Yards. Communities, and community organizations, including incorporated towns, homeowner associations, and fire protection districts are eligible. In order to receive reimbursement, the recipient organization must have a valid tax identification number. To be considered for reimbursement, projects must serve multiple property owners (ideally 20 or more who own contiguous properties).  To get more information about this reimbursement program please visit: www.bouldercounty.org/foresthealth and click on "Chipping Reimbursement Program" or email rludlow@bouldercounty.org.  

Have a great weekend,

Ryan Ludlow
Forestry Education and Outreach Coordinator
Boulder County Land Use


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