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  Friday, April 12, 2009

Colorado Tree Farmers are a network of land- owners that share forestry resources.

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New readers, if you would like to receive an email alert like this whenever new information about the pine beetle epidemic or any other content is added to our website, write stumpmaker@gmail.com and ask to be added to the Tree farmer Alert email list. It's free!

Have Forest Productts For Sale?

We'll help you advertise them!

We've just opened a new page on our website to help forest landowners advertise the products they may be producing as a result of their beetle and wildfire mitigation work.

If you have firewood, posts and poles, saw logs or other products that you would like to sell in order to defray your forest management expenses, contact your local district office of the Colorado State Forest Service: Find you local forester and ask them to add you to their products list and send it to us.

We'll post it on this site at the Colorado Tree Farm Products page

The US Forest Service has agreed to direct inquiries for forest products to this site.


Have more infested wood than you can treat?

Peak to Peak Wood in coopoeration with 5 Front Range Counties is opening collection sites / sort yards again this year. These sites may be your most convenient way of disposing of large amounts of infested wood. See the Peak to Peak mailer front and back in TreeFarmer.com.



Join Us if you would like to go on our tours, question our experts, or share information on forest ecology and forest management with our members


Landowners who attend one of our tours in 2009 will receive the Colorado Tree Farmer's forest management manual, "Saving Your Forest". Currently certified Tree Farmers can get a manual by bringing a neighbor or friend to one of our tours.