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Friday, March 22, 2013
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YOU'RE INVITED: 7th Annual Partners Workshop:

First Aid for Our Forests

 Dear Forestry Partner,
 You are invited to the Seventh Annual Partners Workshop, First Aid for our Forests, which will be held April 4, 2013 at the USDA Forest Service Regional Office, Golden, CO (740 Simms St, Golden, CO).

In the last two year’s evaluations we heard many great suggestions for future Partners Workshops. As a result of this feedback, we designed this year’s program to address topics to engage more landowners and communities. This year, partners will present successes and lessons learned from rehabbing the forest as a result of wildfire events and mountain pine beetle infestations.

Additionally, there will be an opportunity to network during lunch, connecting producers to harvesters, volunteer service providers to those who need volunteer support, and anyone who wants to discuss forest restoration ideas and experiences. We also will hear about current Colorado legislation as related to forestry issues.

Naomi Marcus
Forest Stewardship Coordinator, CSFS                   
CO/WY SAF Education Chair    

Wes Rutt,
Outreach and Education Chair
Colorado Tree Farmers

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Mariah Tree Farm recovery site Update

All, Winter has been a quiet time at the Mariah Tree Farm recovery site from the High Park Fire, but not without activity. Scroll down to read about what my partners from Polaris School in Fort Collins have been up to concerning their research of my burn site. Attached are short written summary reports for January and February. They have also posted another cool video of wildlife visiting the burn this winter. There is a vimeo link for the new video, and another link to the one posted last fall. As the weather warms, and mud season dries, they will be up again to start monitoring new vegetative growth on the property. Enjoy!
Mark De Gregorio


It was a quite two months up at our High Park Burn area study site. Students have been busy sorting through camera footage and creating summary reports of their findings. Students have been split into committees of interest to organize footage into short movies, collect and organize data, and working on installing a new time-lapse camera to be installed before April.

 Here is our most current student produced movie summarizing findings for the past few months:


 You can find all of the student produced videos on our Vimeo channel and review the story of our High Park Fire Research and Recovery Project at:


 Students also collected and written summative data sheets are attached to this message for each month after creating a data collection tool for the project. These sheets are attached to this message.

 As mentioned previously, next month students are planning on installing a time-lapse camera to document the progression of  succession over the coming years. Next month’s video should capture some of this initial footage that students will work with.  We are thankful to both Bob Scriver for his support with materials and David Neils for helping some of our students build this camera from scratch! It will be exciting to begin to see this footage as the spring draws near and our fall seeding project comes to growth.

 Thank you for your continual support of our project and we look forward to seeing ecological succession happen before our very eyes this spring!

Sarah Bayer, M.A., NBCT High School Science Teacher Polaris Expeditionary Learning School 1905 Orchard Pl Ft Collins, CO 80521

January Report

February Report


Blue Spruce for Sale

From: Snowy Peaks Winery [mailto:snowypeakswinery@att.net] Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 10:31 AM To: Krista Moreshead Subject: trees for sale

I just ran across these trees for sale. I thought maybe there might be folks up there interested, can you pass it along, please? I saw it in an email from Repurposed Materials in Denver

Blue Spruce Trees.  Large, mature blue spruce trees available at 80% off.  Tree Farm/Orchard is replanting their acreage into apple trees.  Semi truckload quantities only.  (30 to 35 per semi load.)  Trees are 8'-12' & 5'-7' in diameter.   Trees are in western Colorado.  Email Edward at edward.t@lerouxcreek.com.





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