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Monday, March 2, 2020
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Recognition of deserving individuals

contributed by
Mike Hughes
Colorado Tree Farmers
State Administrator


Hello Tree Farm Supporters:

As you may know, the American Tree Farm System is a certification program, but it has always been known recognizing people committed to sustainable forest management and informing others about the benefits for forestry.

 I wanted invite you to nominate a deserving landowner, inspector, contractor (logger), or forestry advocate for one of the Colorado Tree Farm Program Awards.  ANYONE CAN SUBMIT.  If it needs an inspector or committee signature, we’ll be sure it happens.  I have attached the nomination forms and guidelines for each. 

·        State Tree Farmer of the Year

·        Colorado TF Inspector of the Year

·        Logger of the Year

·        Baasch Memorial Service Award

The nomination form is just one page and takes very little time to fill out.  Please consider nominating a deserving, hard worker.

Also, if you know someone who would like to submit a nomination, please forward this on to them or let me know.

 Remember, the Colorado Logger of the Year will receive a cash certificate from Intermountain STIHL.  The state tree farmer of the year and inspector of the year will receive a plaque and a cash award.  Winners will also receive free travel and lodging at the SAF/CTIA/Tree Farm Meeting in Lakewood, CO – April 25-27, 2019.  Please email your nominations  to me by March 15, 2019.  Thank you, in advanced, for taking time to send in a nomination.

Michael M. Hughes
Fort Collins Field Office, NE Area
Colorado State Forest Service
5060 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523-5060

TFOY Guidlines

TFOY Nomination Form

Logger of the Year Guidelines

Logger of the Year Nomination Form

Inspector of the Year Guidelines

Inspector of the Year Nomination Form

Baasch Award Guidelines

Baasch Award Nomination Form




Business Opportunity

contributed by
Len Lanford
Greenleaf Forestry


This is to announce an integrated forestry + wood manufacturing business opportunity for an experienced forester or manager to learn and help run Greenleaf Forestry and Wood Products.  Located at Westcliffe, it serves private forest landowners to facilitate forest stewardship management. See www.greenleafforestry.com.  Interest people can send introductory letter and resume to len.at.greenleaf@gmail.com.   Thanks, Len Lankford  


American Forests Speaks for Trees

contributed by
Mike Burns, NWOA

"Our forests are in the news on an almost daily basis due to catastrophic wildfires and unprecedented insect infestations in many instances due to the unintended consequences of well intentioned environmental policies and the effects of climate change," Executive Producer Bruce Ward tells MNN. "More and more people are seeking answers to how these issues are being addressed. Our series, in part, seeks to answer these questions."

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Australian Firefighters Have Saved the Last Groves of a Rare, Prehistoric Tree

contributed by
Smithsonian Magazine


Once widespread across Australia, Wollemi pines reached their peak abundance some 34 to 65 million years ago. As Australia drifted northward and its climate cooled and dried, the trees began a steady decline; today, just 200 Wollemi pines grow on the northwestern outskirts of Sydney, in a deep, remote gorge bounded by steep sandstone cliffs.

When the Gospers Mountain Fire, a “mega-blaze” that has been burning since October, began encroaching on the trees’ last stand, “we knew we needed to do everything we could to save them,” says Matt Kean, New South Wales’ minister for energy and environment.

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The Trillion Tree Act

contributed by
Steve Goodroad
Tree Farmer


The Trillion Trees Act is based on a July 2019 Swiss report featured by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science that concluded planting 1 trillion trees across the world could sequester 205 gigatonnes of carbon. That’s roughly the equivalent of two-thirds of all manmade carbon since the Industrial Revolution.

The bill has three parts:

  • Plant more trees in urban areas and on marginal agriculture land domestically while offering technical support and assistance for other countries to maximize forest growth internationally and reverse deforestation.
  • Grow more wood in existing forests and make them more resilient to insects, diseases and catastrophic wildfires.
  • Store more carbon by incentivizing innovative building practices with a sustainable building tax credit.

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