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Sunday, February 26, 2016
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What's in your Woods?


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Colorado's 2016 Logger of the Year

Following in Mom & Dad's footsteps, Harry Spellman racks up another Tree Farm sponsored award for the family.

Colorado's 2016 Logger of the Year video

(note the t-shirt surprise at the end of the video)


Larimer Tree Farm Winter Meeting March 4

There's an app for that. No, really!

Winter Meeting Notice


“Timber Harvesting for Private Landowners”

contributed by Kristina Duff, American Forest Foundation

How Family Forests do it in Montana

Timber Harvesting video


The Best Tool to Mend a Broken Heart

contributed by Tree Farmer , Walt Plese

In December I finished up treatment on 2 acres I committed for the Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant and it's looking very good.  I sold 11-1/2 cords of firewood this season, and have 7 or 8 more to sell.

Two months ago I heard a song that you may know, but I hadn't heard it until then.  Now it's my new theme song for sharpening and fueling my saws.

"Chainsaw" by The Band Perry video. 

(This video was shot on a farm in Oregon where trees are harvested for multiple uses.)


800 Million Standing Dead Trees in Colorado

contributed by Ryan Lockwood 
External & Media Communications Program Manager
Colorado State Forest Service

Attached is a news release announcing the “Fire and Water”-themed 2016 Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forests, which will be distributed by the Colorado State Forest Service at the annual Joint Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Hearing at the State Capitol. Among the highlights of the report include that the number of dead standing trees in Colorado forests has increased to an estimated 834 million. This is largely due to the impacts of bark beetles, and has implications for wildfire and watershed concerns.

News Release

UPDATE:The 2016 Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forests was distributed at the Capitol, and is available online at http://csfs.colostate.edu/report-health-colorados-forests/


A serious climate change opportunity

from The Daily Sentinal, Grand Junction

As Colorado State Forester Mike Lester testified last week, “When so many trees die and large wildfires follow, our forests quickly turn from a carbon sink into a carbon source.” 

Read the article


Colorado’s own, Lyle Laverty

Contributed by
Mike Hughes
Colorado Tree Farm Administrator

Colorado’s own, Lyle Laverty, might be the next Chief of the US Forest Service.
Here is an interview he did with Evergreen Magazine: 


Take care,


Mysterious earthworks might hold historical lessons about sustainable management of the Amazon, and forests in general.





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