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Thursday, January 26, 2012
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Colorado Tree Farmers are a network of land- owners that share forestry resources.

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Be confident that what you do in your forest
will improve it's health and sustainability for future generations.
Become a Tree Farmer!

Feel the Power!

on the new Colorado Tree Farmer’s YouTube channel!

Our new video, The Power In Community Collaboration, highlights one of the many ways the wonderful people involved in Tree Farming have found to collaborate to more effectively reduce the damage being done to our forests and improve their health and sustainability for generations to come.

We’ll be adding videos of inspirational stories like this to our new YouTube channel as quickly as they can be produced.

You can help

If you are already collaborating with your neighbors to improve forest health or have discovered a method to more effectively reduce the damage that is being done to our forests, please let us know. We can help you tell your story with video. Better yet produce a video of your own highlighting your efforts.

If you don’t know where to start ask your grandchildren for help. Many high schools offer classes on video production, and tens of thousands of young people are already producing amazingly sophisticated videos every day. Letting your grandchildren teach you a new skill would be a terrific way to get them interested in active forest management. You’ll all enjoy the experience and you may produce a video that could inspire others to begin actively managing their forest.

Visit the Colorado Tree Farmer YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ColoradoTreeFarmers/videos for some ideas for stories.

You don’t have to be a Tree Farmer to take part, but you are missing out on a terrific experience if you aren’t. Your local Tree Farm group can:

  1. Provide you with scientifically based, practical and effective forest management information geared to the small private forest landowner.
  2. Introduce you to honest and reliable contractors that have proven themselves working on our properties.
  3. Introduce you to those willing to collaborate with you to achieve much more than you can individually.

We’re your neighbors.
We’re just down the road behind the green and white signs.

We’re Colorado Tree Farmers.
Contact us and together we can make a difference.


Start Collaborating Now!

The Larimer County Tree Farmers will hold a quarterly meeting on Thursday, February 9 in Fort Collins.

Here is the perfect opportunity to network with others interested in forest health and sustainability.

Everyone is invited!
Bring a friend!



Outstanding Service

If you are a certified Tree Farmer and have received outstanding service from a forestry contractor or supplier please write us and tell us your story.

If you would like to show your appreciation for a job well done take a little time to tell us about it. We may give select contractors and suppliers an opportunity to advertise in our newsletter and on our website. However, we will only consider those businesses with a documented and proven record of outstanding service to our members.

Send your testimonials to stumpmaker@gmail.com



Got a question about your woods?

You can find the answers to many of your questions on our website, www.treefarmer.com, but that's a big place. If you get lost, write us and we'll help you find the answers.

We're your neighbors just down .the road, behind the green and white Tree Farm signs and we care about what's happening in our forests.

Send your questions to stumpmaker@gmail.com

Join Us if you would like to go on our tours, question our experts, or share information on forest ecology and forest management with our members


Landowners who attend one of our tours in 2012 will receive the Colorado Tree Farmer's forest management manual, "Saving Your Forest". Currently certified Tree Farmers can get a manual by bringing a neighbor or friend to one of our tours.