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Friday, January 19, 2017
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Colorado Premier of America’s Forests with Chuck Leavell to air Jan. 25 on Rocky Mountain PBS

DENVER, Jan. 18, 2018 – Colorado takes the stage in the next episode of the new national TV series, America’s Forests with Chuck Leavell. The series explores challenges, opportunities and innovations happening in America’s forests, and the Colorado episode will air on Rocky Mountain PBS on Thursday, Jan. 25 at 7 p.m. MST.

Chuck Leavell may be best known as the keyboardist and musical director for The Rolling Stones, but he is also an educated and enthusiastic forestry advocate, conservationist and tree farmer. As host of the new series, Leavell serves as the on-camera guide, travelling across the country to interview people who are passionate about the gifts we get from our woods and exploring creative solutions to complex problems impacting this important natural resource.

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Tree Farmer of Year on National News

contributed by
Mike Hughes
CSFS, Fort Collins Dist.

I saw this touching story on the news.  Much to my surprise, it had Tom Fey – 2016 Colorado Tree Farmer of the Year (nominated by Ben Pfohl and Allen Owen).  It’s not about his forestry work on his tree farm between Nederland and Rollinsville, but I hope you enjoy it none the less. 


Colorado's 2016 Tree Farmer of the Year Tom Fey


The truth about fire in Colorado

contributed by
Bruce Benninghoff
Consulting Forester, retired



contributed by
Carl Struck, New Mexico Tree Farm #2

When my wife Johanne Riddick and I bought our 40 acre forest in 1987 we made note of a handful of unusually shaped Ponderosa Pine trees and have since done our best to protect and preserve these venerable old oddities despite the fact that they will never be of any marketable value. Their aesthetic value, providing a welcome visual respite from the classic straight and tall Ponderosa profile, was enough to insure their exclusion from any calculating forest management decisions. One in particular stood out as special.

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Protecting Clean Water for Denver, CO

contributed by
Tom Fry, AFF Director of Western Conservation

The 885,000-acre Upper South Platte watershed in Colorado stretches from the Continental Divide to the Strontia Springs Reservoir. This forested area is a principal source of clean water for the 1.3 million residents of the Denver metro area, feeding five major municipal reservoirs around the metropolis. It is vital to Coloradans.

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Fixing Colorado’s forests with the help of ‘citizen science’


More than 30 representatives from forestry groups across the state gathered in Frisco last month for the annual Colorado Forest Collaboratives Summit to share how they are still trying to heal their damaged forests.



Post-fire Logging

contributed by
Andrew B. Perleberg
WSU Extension Forester

Post-fire forest management commonly requires accepting some negative ecological impacts from management activities in order to achieve management objectives. Managers need to know, however, whether ecological impacts from post-fire management activities are transient or cause long-term ecosystem degradation. We studied the long-term response of understory vegetation to two post-fire logging treatments – commercial salvage logging with and without additional fuel reduction logging – on a long-term post-fire logging experiment in northeastern Oregon, USA.

Post-fire logging treatments produced no significant effects on understory vegetation cover, diversity, or community composition 15 years after treatment.

Read Post-fire logging produces minimal persistent impacts on understory
vegetation in northeastern Oregon, USA

Read Post-fire logging reduces surface woody fuels up to four decades
following wildfire

What's in your Woods?


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