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Thursday, January5, 2017
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Ancient bristlecone unscathed as beetles ravage forests

by BRIAN MAFFLY The Salt Lake Tribune

SALT LAKE CITY — The bristlecone pine is not only the world’s longest-lived organism, but it is also virtually immune to the pine beetle attacks that are decimating conifer forests around the West, according to new research from Utah State University and the U.S. Forest Service.

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Brian Kailey, Coordinator - Horticulture, Logan County, discusses Bristlecone Pine

from CSUExtention

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contributed by Steve Goodroad, Tree Farmer


‘Tree hugger’ has burning passion for forest health

from the Santa Fe New Mexican

Allex loves trees, but he’s killed a lot of them to help the remaining ones grow healthy. After years of sacrificing some trees to save others, the dense forest he once couldn’t walk through with his wife and sons is now open, with space between the pines and grass sprouting up.

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Forest health in US can affect trees in Siberia

By Columbia Basin Bulletin 


“When trees die in one place, it can be good or bad for plants elsewhere, because it causes changes in one place that can ricochet to shift climate in another place,” said lead author Elizabeth Garcia, a UW postdoctoral researcher in atmospheric sciences. “The atmosphere provides the connection.”

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Healthy Forests

contributed by
Molly Pitts
Rocky Mountain States Director
Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities

As a trained forester and someone involved with natural resource issues throughout the state of Colorado, it is frustrating to me to routinely see our forests not being actively managed, as I know they should.  While we are so fortunate to have so many involved tree farmers managing their private lands, the same can’t be said for our federal lands. 

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From Popular Science

Washington state-based Alaska Airlines started the week off right. It sent a Boeing 737 jet on the first commercial flight partially fueled by tree limbs and waste wood from forests.

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The Science Of Wildfires May Be Up In Smoke

From NPR

That smell of wood smoke is well-known. The effects it has on our health and the environment are not. With wildfires happening more often, and the climate changing, researchers are trying to understand the science behind smoke.

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