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Colorado Tree Farmers are a network of land- owners that share forestry resources.

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If you would like to join our tours, question our experts, or share information on forest ecology and management with our members, click on the link above.


Landowners who become certified Tree Farmers in 2009 will receive the Colorado Tree Farmers forest management manual, Saving Your Forest.

How do I get involved?

Get informed


1. Check this website,, often to find the latest news and information regarding forest management.

2. Start receiving our handy email messages which will alert you to new articles on the website  and other information on Tree Farming requiring your immediate attention. Simply write and ask to be added to the Email Alert list. You don’t even have to be a certified Tree Farmer to receive this helpful information.


Get to work

1. Get a management plan  - Get a professional forester to help you develop a long term forest management plan. Your local Colorado State Forest Service District can help you find a qualified forester.

2. Become a Tree Farmer  - Fill out the form below or call your local Colorado State Forest Service office and ask them how to become a certified Tree Farmer. Here is a link to contact information for Local CSFS offices .

3. Attend local Tree Farmer meetings and sponsored tours - The greatest benefits of becoming a Tree Farmer are having the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other forest managers, and touring properties to see, first hand, what can be accomplished. Tree Farmers receive mailed flyers notifying them of upcoming meetings.

4. Join the Forest Ag program  - Colorado Tree Farmers were instrumental in persuading the Colorado legislature to establish the Forest Ag Program which allows managed forest lands to receive property tax valuations similar to that of traditional agricultural lands. Managing your forest could give you a tax break right off the bat.


If you would like information on
becoming a Tree Farmer, attending local meetings,
joining us on tours of properties in your area,
sharing information on forest ecology, management,
and much more
please contact your
Local CSFS office,
fill out the form below or call Wes at (970)482-6912.


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