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Tips on using a Log Wizard

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Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 9:02 PM
Subject: Log Wizard inquiry

Hi, Joe:
I've been reading your helpful posts on the ABC discussion list, especially regarding your experience with the Log Wizard, which I'm considering buying for debarking in the Red Feather Lakes area.  Ponderosa is the predominant tree up there, and I'm interested in learning how well and how quickly the log wizard works to debark them, as compared to lodgepole.   I would also appreciate any recommendations you may have as to using of this tool.  I appreciate and take seriously your posted comments about using safety equipment.

Thanks for any comments you may have to offer.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 7:26 AM
Subject: Re: Log Wizard inquiry

Go to The Log Home Store 1-800-827-1688

click on ordering info under the picture of the log wizard
then do an extended scroll down
Get the predrilled bar (for proper alignment) with cutterless chain (big safety consideration)
They will ask you make, model and sprocket size. Finding metal is a common occurrence near structures. Get an extra set of blades for the log wizard. In the long run paying a little more up front certainly pays off in the long run.
Use a 3 cubic inch or bigger saw. Don't use your best saw.
Before each use spray silicon on the external and internal parts ( pull start assembly, vanes of the fly wheel and cylinder wall). 
After each use scrape off the pitch build up,  then steam clean or pressure wash.
Gojo is a good cleaner.
Failure to keep the saw clean ( unplugged ) makes for short saw life.
Wear your painting clothes and saw chaps. This is a very dirty - messy job.
Use a paper filter over your nose and mouth.
Ponderosa bark is at least several times thicker than lodge pole. To fell, delimb and debark a mature Ponderosa may take 2 hours or more. Key is cutting the lateral branches flush to the trunk.
I drink lots of water and use over the counter pain reliever for the lower back.

Joe Turner


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Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2009 1:06 PM

Subject: Log Wizard adaptation?

Hi, Joe:

Following up on our earlier correspondence, I would welcome any comment/suggestions on a proposal:  I want to equip a suitably-sized chainsaw with a cutterless chain and a Log Wizard attached to a bar shortened so as to improve the balance of the assembly, as shown in the attached photos found in an online forestry forum.

I would have a qualified machinist cut the bar and drill the attachment holes.

I would expect the modified assembly to be less tiresome to use.   Any thoughts to other considerations, pro or con, would be welcome here. 



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Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2009 6:24 PM
Subject: Re: Log Wizard adaptation?
    That's why I recommend going with the Log Home Store Orders: (800) 827-1688 (USA) Fax: (503) 843-3673.
They will provide a pre drilled 16 inch bar for weight and balance. Your local chain saw shop may or may not have experience drilling the bar. A machinist may have even less knowledge about the Log Wizard. The primary use of Log Wizards is to clear a path for the band saw blade on small sawmills. The custom pictures may work OK for a log that's up on a platform just prior to milling. When debarking MPB trees on the ground you will want more reach. Many guys make the mistake of going with an existing longer bar so they don't have to bend over so far, but end up getting a back ache lifting all that weight at the end of the bar. The 16 inch bar length makes for a good balance at the bail loop. Bend the knees. I wouldn't want to be that close to the plainer head as shown in the pictures. Saw milling is using dry bark/wood. Maybe dusty but certainly not the heavy pitch splatter and built up from green beetle trees. I usually have upwards of 3/8 inch of pitch on the front of my saw chaps after a couple of hundred green beetle trees. They will stand up in the corner by them selves. If the outside temp gets above 80 degrees its just too messy to continue. I wear safety glasses and a hard hat with face screen that get cleaned daily.
    I will attend the Larimer Tree Farmers meeting Wed 2/11/09  7 pm. If you want I'll bring my Log Wizard etc.
    Yes there is a lot of education effort need for absentee owners. At lease, Dave Lentz, your county forester has a pest ordinance to work with. I believe the "Town of Estes Park" passed even more stringent regulations.   
    I expect to get into the Triage mode ( Tree Extraction ) in pure lodge pole stands, protecting life, homes, utilities and access/egress. Deploying the Log Wizard for spot control (newly infested  isolated trees ) in ponderosa stands. Existing stands of managed Ponderosa have the best potential to pitch out the beetle.