What Tree Farmers Can Do - Overview

Get Organized

Revolutions need people. They need people who can solve problems and people who can start initiatives. They need people who can execute difficult tasks despite the obstacles. Tree Farmers are those kind of people. We've been doing it for years.

Not only that but we have the organizations in place to attract lots more forest landowners. Other like-minded people can help solve the problems and execute the difficult tasks.

What can Tree Farmers do?

  • They can get together and determine how to provide the infrastructure that will support buildings heated with wood.
  • They can encourage communities throughout the state to consider converting their old heating units to those that heat with wood.
  • They can write articles and talk to groups and explain the benefits, and drawbacks when applicable, of heating with wood.
  • They can help create a market that will encourage other private forest landowners to start actively managing Colorado's greatest sustainable natural resource so it will be sustainable for future generations..