The Technology - Overview


This isn't your grandfather's pot bellied stove
that we're talking about.

Let's start right out by admitting that wood is not the ideal heating fuel for all situations. However, as technology has improved over the years the arguments for heating with wood have become more compelling economically, environmentally, and even politically.

New technology has made it environmentally advantageous to utilize wood as a fuel in public buildings as well as homes. Where current heating systems are old and ready to be replaced or when new buildings are being planned, wood should definitely be considered as a fuel source. The savings in monthly heating expense can often pay for the capital expense to install the technology in short order. See...9 good reasonsand Wood Biomass for Energy

Wood used as fuel in new EPA certified stoves and high tech gasification units has environmental advantages over fossil fuels like coal and oil and can even compete head on with natural gas.
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When you consider that slash and small diameter waste is now often disposed of by burning in the open air, using this wood as heating fuel is even more environmentally sound.

Also, consider the idea that wood can provide a sustainable and renewable domestic energy source that can reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy.

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